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Selection 1Welcome to United Krav Maga Ireland

Welcome to United Krav Maga Ireland's official website. United Krav Maga Ireland was established by Artur Dziadkowiec Expert Level 2 Director/ Chief Instructor. We are affiliated to the United Krav Maga World Organisation, we train to their dynamic and progressive curriculum and we grade to their world class standards.

Krav Maga is a self defence system that anyone can learn and use, regardless of size, fitness level or strength. We only teach what has been tried, tested and proven to work effectively out in the real world.

United Krav Maga Ireland is growing on a daily basis and our success is due to our committed instructors and our loyal and determined students. We insist on quality and safety in training, which can only come from highly trained instructors, quality training equipment and hardworking student.

Come and join us today!!!

Get fit, have fun and most importantly - BE SAFE!!!

We look forward to meeting you…

q United Krav Maga Ireland in barely 1 month has made me feel fitter, physically stronger, agile and I love the intense training, having done various martial arts I would highly recommend this real life contact training. Also great supportive trainers and students!

Jessie K., Cork Member

1United Krav Maga Ireland training offers:

  • check1 Grading and Seminars under International Expert Team Members

      • Most Qualified Team in Ireland
        • High Stress Reaction Training
          • Expert Level Coaches
          • Improved Fitness and Self Confidence
            Learn New Skills
            • Women, Junior, Kids Only Dedicated Workshops and Classes
              Ireland Largest Provided of Krav Maga Training


1Latest News, Upcoming Events, Photo Gallery


Upcoming High Risk Close Protection Course in Dundalk10th of May 2015, Waterford

Some photos of Knife Fighting and Defence seminar with James Walsh, Fighter 1 in Waterford about different edge weapons attacks

Upcoming Fight Camp with world renowned Tom "Spider' Stasiak7th - 10th May 2015, Cork

Second Part of Instructor course and Cheap Shot Defence seminar conducted by Robert Tercjak, E3, Global Expert Team

Irish Chief/ Director Arthur Dziadkowiec awarded Instructor of the Year at CMAP18th April 2015, Cork HQ

Photo gallery From Armed Anti Terrosim Seminar with Artur Dziadkowiec, Head Instructor, Expert 2

Irish Instructor Team Completed Survival Terrorism Camp28th Feb - 1st March 2015, Cork

Pictures and Video Clip from Fight Camp with world renowned Tom "Spider' Stasiak

Selection of pictures from the biggest recent National Grading in Cork HQ7th February 2015, Dublin

Irish Chief/ Director Arthur Dziadkowiec awarded Instructor of the Year at CMAP
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extreme knife
Extreme Knife Self Defence

Knife Crime - Don't be a victim
Institute of Krav Maga Ireland are pleased to announce a completely new and unique training program  being offered to our students. The training programme is based on the High Stress Reaction Training.

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km instructor

course 2016
United Krav Maga Instructor Course April 2015 in Cor

United Krav Maga Instructor Course April 2016 in Cork

This is a course, for those who wish to become Krav Maga instructors within United Krav Maga Ireland. The instructor course is one of the most popular programs that we offers.

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